No More Web Sites

So, dude, I'm not developing freelance web sites any more for other people. I did it for a while, made some money, and learned some stuff. But it is seriously not worth it for these reasons:

  • I work all day writing web applications (not web sites). I really enjoy it. Those are interesting problems to solve. At the end of the day I don't want to spend my non-day-job time adjusting the color scheme of some brochure-ware garbage for someone else. It's just not interesting (although it is fun on my own projects).
  • It may just be my personality, but whenever I had one of these projects in flight, it basically ruined the rest of my life until I got it done and over with. If I feel obligated to someone else for some deliverable (especially if they are paying me), I seriously cannot feel good about doing anything else until it's done. Life is much better when you go to a job all day and work hard and then come home and don't. Trying to schedule time into your private life to do freelance work when you have a full time job anyway is a nightmare. I think other people may be able to balance their lives better and just not care so much, but I can't. I tried for about two years.
  • There is really no creativity necessary in commercial web design any more. User Experience Design standards have made it so there is basically one way to write a web site that doesn't suck. And I pretty much agree. And it is now so easy to pump out a great Wordpress template site with a few little alterations. Pretty much anyone who wants to pay you money to make a website wants it to the look and function basically the same as every other website. I know that I should probably consider it easy money and just do it, but it's just too mind-numbingly dull.
  • Internet Explorer. As any standards-aware developer knows, making stuff work with IE ruins any fun you could possibly have while writing a web site.

I did collect a pretty nice portfolio of websites while working as "Nathan Beach Arts & Sciences", and I hate to throw it all out, so I'm just linking it from here for posterity. See my website portfolio site. And then hire my friend Darren instead!

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