Early Lines Album Art

If you're a fan of the legendary Plano band Early Lines and have ripped their CDs to mp3, you may have noticed it's near impossible to find a decent scan of the album artwork to attach to the mp3s. And their website no longer exists. So, here are some scans I made. You can apply these images to the mp3 tags in iTunes or the greatness of mp3Tag or whatever. There's also an unauthorized surprise piece of audio down below.

Photo by Gerlind Ehlert; Layout by John Ledbetter:

Early Lines Are Tired Beasts Album Art

Artwork by Rob Polivka; Layout by Travell McEntyre:

Early Lines Hate The Living Love The Dead Album Art

Photo by Sherry Dickson; Layout by Brad Wheeler:

Early Lines Pure Health Album Artwork

As a little unauthorized bonus, I recently found some experimental demo recordings Early Lines did in my home studio right before they headed up to Chicago to record Hate the Living, Love the Dead with Steve Albini. They wanted to try out some of the alternative percussion effects they were going to use. I vaguely remember a trash cash being pounded upon. Anyway, here it is:

lowfashion_trials.mp3 (14MB)

And here's a really rough video from the session (I think Grant K recorded it):

Those were the days.

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