Desperately Seeking Employment

Someone I know had to spend a whole lot of time reviewing online job application sites while trying to find many candidates for a certain hourly part time job. What follows are answers to the request "Tell Us A Little About Yourself". Some are poignant, some are disturbing, and some are crushingly sad as reflections of the state of the job market in America right now. All display a wild range of literary style from grammatically indecipherable to waaaaay too much information. I've changed names and places to protect the innocent. Enjoy?

I have excellant written and verbal skils. I am very safety conciouse and detail oriented.
Very interested in the job market right now. Willing to do almost anything for a job. Wanting to do something with my life. Will take any job offer I receive and will do that job like it is the only job I will ever have.
I realy need a job. My girl friend is pregnant and I work currently at a resturaunt that is only slightly discusting. I realy could use the opportunit to show that I can do a good job if given the chance.
i done putting the burger thorugh the machine and dont the fryers with fries aslo some =what making the burgers
I a hard worker who is always looking for challenges. I'm also a very reliable person who want let you down. I'm also very honest and always return money I find to management, even if no one sees me.
While I don't have many unique traits to offer and no supervisory experience, I have worked in retail since turning sixteen in 1999.
Possess a strong background in fresh meat, and an ability to communicate with employees
i being look for a job on [job board] and dont get a email on a call back from no body so what is up
i had to learn food safety skills, make dough, produce the dough so it can be sent down the line and made into a donut
i want to begin living my life with my wife and kids i have been having trouble providing for them and we need our own home and would be my best interest to get a job in you field to help me become the man god wants me to be. thank y
I am looking for a job that can maybe a career. I will also like to future my education
Hard working retail meat cutter. Knowledge from the feedlot on.
I am a very inteligent yound woman, and want to work for a company where i can grow
I am a College student,as a young woman I am very knowledgeable of the work forest.I set satandrds guidelines for myself and respect others. I asks questions for clarification, is able to keep cofidential information confidential.
I am a very outgoing, fun and friendly girl. Im very goal oriented and when i have my mind set to doing something i do everything in my power to completle that task. I'm extremley friendly and meeting new people is one of my favorite things to do. I am extremley responsible and trustworthy. I haven't had the best past work history, but i had the mindset of a child while i was still in highschool, and the few jobs i had were merely for my entertainment and i did not take them seriously, i regret that decision now, but since graduating highschool and growing up i have learned that a job is not a game, therefore i now take things alot more seriously. I'm very open and can understand things easily.
Im nineteen year old. At the moment im not sure what career path i want to take. My goals for the next year is to 1. move out of my parents house 2. get another vechile for my other half. Then figure out what i want to do in life and proceed it.
i dnt have any experience with shadow shpping all i know is i love to shop ask everyone around me i dont have a picture topost i never really had a job before so i want to have a clean start to a cool job i take eveerything seriously but yet i have fun doing em im really creative im possitive i have a high school dipploma from [a high school] 2008 i do ave lots of energy
I am a very fun and loving person. I get along with everyone I meet and I enjoy meeting new people. I was in band all 4 years of high school and never once thought of dropping out. I always finish what I start or else I get frustrated. The only reason I am not in band in College, is because my knee got messed up and band was not helping it by marching. I try to make everything I do fun for myself and others who are involved with me. I wont let anyone down.
I am a very trust worthy person. Who loves to interact with people. I am a very quick learner. I have alway been the a well liked person. I enjoy having many friends and I also love to make new friends. If I were to be hire
Make band deposites etc.
I am a loyal, dedicated, and reliable Veteran with a BA of Business just waiting on the bench. Pick me.
I am now grocery manager and my goal is to move up to assistant manager also like to go to school so that I will know more about what I am doing so that I can be better
Well I 'am a very quick learner, harder worker, honest, and intelligent. Very much moviated got a lot of goal in life, that I want to achieve and I will because I'm very strong minded.
My long term goal is to go back to school and recieve some more education because it is so tough finding a job with the economy being so bad. I want to be able to take care of myself and not have to rely on anyone but me to be able to make it in the
I would like to be with a company that is stable, full-time, career oriented, family environment in which I can work in until retirement age!
i plan to find a nice job that i can work on for at least 5yrs or better and possibly establish a career out of the job i have or a job opportunity
My career goal is to overcome many hard times i've been through. To come out as a better woman who wants better things in life. In my previous jobs I've recceived money from customers and disburse money back to them with excelent customer service.
Being able to attend college that whole experience was awesome
I am looking for a position where I can really use my experience.
I worked for Furr's for over 24 years I work with with others and get along good with people.
i have few years work experince how ever i have 3.5 years of landsaceping under the belt i wish to expand my knoweledge of the work force along with my abilitys in this carrer field and wish to progress my status in life
I believe and change in making a better world. Love to workout, im an out doors person.
Hello my name is [removed], I have worked both fast food and housekeeping. Although I loved them both, I no longer work for either company, I got pregnant when I was working at kentucky fried chicken and between that and getting sick all the time and school I just could not do it, then I worked housekeeping at [a rehab center], I loved being around elderly people, it was like being around grandma and grandpas, I had personal conflict with my supervisor, corporate was telling me one thing and she was telling me a different thing so after a while I just resigned
I injoy working around people, I love cooking and working fast foods also. I fell I'm a hard worker. I also like like keeper my work area clean.
my goals are to get a job opportunity to demonstrate my abilities in any area of work maybe my education is not a doctor but I think to have sufficient expertise to develop the work.
my goals are obtain a good position in this company to demostrate my skills, I have good comunication.
[please note is his "mistake"]

I'm obviously twenty years of age, I worked 2 full-time jobs at about 75 hours a week for about a year. I'm currently unemployed. I have been cooking all my life because my dad is a chef and manager of a restaurant in Sarasota. I'm healthy, in good shape, know how to work hard, a very quick learner and usually do well at whatever it is i do. I'm honestly looking for something to bring me back up to speed because i just recently stopped working. I have been planning to try to continue my diving hobby and become an underwater welder, financial aid would have to assist me in that direction but its what i want to do other than become a scuba instructor. I don't like not having a job. I'm very easy to get along with and have plenty of experience in dealing with customers. I am a good kid don't get me wrong but people make mistakes in their lives and hopefully learn from them. I did i have grown from my mistake of arson i had to spend 7 months in county jail for it but am far from those actions in my life now and I have grown to become a better person it was a life changer and am happy with who i am today. Please don't let it effect any decisions you make.
I am a very hard worker. when i set my mine to something i always get it done. i am also a very fast learner. i like to learn to thinks
I am a dedicated student at [removed]. I am very punctual patient and willing to go far and beyond my duties, to my my place of employment better. I am a very god team player and i consider myself an asset to any company.
49 yo white male, 6'2" tall, 209 lbs. I am separated with 4 children which are 3 daughters (29, 24, 22), a son (18) and a 3 yo grandson. I'm living with my 35 yo girlfriend who is considered to be a BBW in a 2 bdrm basement apartment. She has 4 cats and I have one. I work at a warehouse/packing company on 3rd shift through a temporary employment agency on the south side of [removed]. Neither of us presently owns a car but we should have one by the end of this summer. I am very mechanically incline where I try to do as much of my own home repairs and when I do own a car I also like doing as much of the work on it also as possible.
I am a hard worker who like to be push i can handel myself in stressful condition
[there were nine different jobs listed on this personís profile including factory, fast food, and janitor work, dating from 1994 to 2007. None of them had anything to do with children.]

Prepared meals for the children..Gave them their baths got them ready for bed and put them to bed...Also played with the children and took them outside for a walk and to play
for this position is cool work in gruop ,, you lern more ,andlearn new things ....
I am fluent in spanish. Im a hard worker. On time almost all the time.
Working with a small team of operators. Taking care of day to day operations such as detailed reports, checking time cloks and giving further cutomer service care when needed
Do to my recent job opportunities. i am most responsible when it comes down to my main duties and or main job.
i work expercine with dishwasher everything make good jugdement order make good clean from sterizel also dishes , fork, ect. other (part-time nighttime) [restaurant] name Boss [removed], June 18, 2008 to Sept 5,2008. Sliverware- must clean make perect never allow to dirty make sure clean sterzile make good clean everything put nakin and fork knife when full in basket then put order everything done. ( part-time day time) Furr's resturant boss name [removed].. June 18, 2008 to Oct 15,2008.
I'm 20, A Young Strong Man Looking For Any Kind Of Job. Any Shift, Any Pay, Anywhere. Give Me A Call
I have been a cashier, have worked in retail, in a stalk room, behind the counter, and have worked in customer service I am a hard worker, and wont disappoint
i am a ver fast learning person with 1 year in cashiring and working in a department store
When I was working at The Potpourri House I was mainly a gift wrapper, but I did a lot of floor work as well. I was on my high school's drill team so I know how to put on a smile even when I don't feel like it. I plan to attend cosmetology school at Avenue 5 in August of 2010.
I Have been a housewife living with my inlaws for 5 years I manage and run Every aspect of the house I cook clean assign chores take care of my disabled mother and Father and care for 2 disabled roommates I can learn to do anything that is required for a job or company
It has been quite a time since i first contacted you about shadow shopping with your company. I have back surgery and a good bout with staph infection and that took some wind out of me for quite a while. But i'm back and ready to go back work story is, from high school i went to work for Southwest telecom. married,move to Oklahoma,Ok.worked on switchboard for quite awhile,then babies,moved to Tulsa,OK. Started on the switchboard,promoted to reseptionest,to leader for mail del. clerk,to asst to Sevice Manger.with all this experiance I AN VERY GOOD WITH PEOPLE IN PERSON OR ON THE PHONE i
My personality speakes for itself. I am looking for a move in my like to take dare of my family. i need this chance to better myself. I would it if i could get this chance to prove to myself and others. That i can make it in life whit out others help.
my goel is to be sucessful. it would be nice to get a good job so i can finally take care of myself. its my last year in high school and i want keep furthering my abilities that i have. ....all i wann do is be sucessful!! in school trying to get more collage and i need more skills.
I'm a very enthusiastic person, open to every kind of work no matter how difficult it will be. I'm possesses good merchandiser skills, understands the importance of loyalty to his employer and his organization, and who likes to work with ideas as well as with people.
I'm an experience driver. During nine years, I worked traveling around the east coast, from Florida to Main and some center areas, getting even 14 hours of work journey a day
I recently graduated from high school and im looking for some extra money to help pay for collge. I enjoy playing soccer in my spare time. As well as listening to music, and spending time with my family. Im employed by roundys corporation for about two years now. An recently ive had my hours cut so im in dire need of some cash.
I have always been a hard worker. Although my job history looks shaky, it isn't true. I have worked two or three jobs at a time since I first joined the workforce at 14. Most recently I have been putting anywhere between 50 and 80 hours a week. I am eager to learn new things and am highly adaptable. I am dependable and flexible.
I love to work. I've been working since I was 13. My first job experience was when I helped my mother and her co workers at a cookie dough company for one summer. I packaged 4 lb cookie dough, stacked them on racks,and labeled them. After that, I had my own personal baby sitting business going on. Well, not really a business, but you know what I mean. I needed some money on the side while in school. I did that from the ages 14-18. After I quit rainbow apparel in 2007, I was pregnant. I had pregnancy complications, so I didn't work. 4 months after I had my first, I was pregnant with my second child.Again, I did not work. I've been looking for a job since my youngest turned 6 months old. I am willing to work hard full time. I am very dependable,responsible, and love to please others.I would love to make my children happy by providing them with their needs and wants.
i have two brother and I recently became an Uncle. i love to sing and i auditioned for american idol, i made it to the second round then couldn't go because of school.
I Have taken the telephone doctor classes.
I am unique in my own ways, And i believe everyone is.I have recently recieved my g.e.d from job corps center in Ok august of 09 and has recently gave birth to my five month old son in october of 09.I take work very seriously, espcially when it comes down to taking care of myself and my son at the age of nineteen years old. Young, but very dedicated and devoted to my son, work and life.
well im really in need of a job..I Have no income and my mom is having a hard time with the bills.I Just need someone to give me a chance in life.. I Promise I Wont Do wrong. I Need something good to happen in my life.ill Continue To Pray.
i am a very fast paste worker a really good lerner and multi-tasker. i enjoy being around a good crowd of people and deffinetley love to sosialize with my costumers and fellow employees. if something new come up that i havent already learned or done. i tend to pick up the new objective very quickly and with good results. other then job discriptions, im a very layed back person who enjoys to have a good time and make people very proud of what or what i will do. Smiley Face!!!!!
six years expiarence handling food in resturants and in fast food resturants. Very Flexable.
I learn quick and my training always takings half the time.
i never bring my personal life to my job, i have taken a lil over a year from haveing employment there is a few reasons for that, one: my grandfather was needing someone to be with him for the past year and some he pasted in may and i also had school and am taking a year from it to save up some money.
I am a really fun and outgoing person with people I get to know. I am an average learner. I don't learn faster nor slower than my team mates.
I'm a very enthusiastic hard worker. NO job's to big or hard for me. Extremely dependable, polight, honest individual. I love working with my hands and being a leader in activities. Hope to hear from you!!!
I am a mother of 2 boys 27 and 29 I have 3 grandchid and 1 on the way I work good with others I stay in a Holtels at least 1 time a month I love to shop I love to travel I have time I am very dependable I eat out 2 times a week I like to see moves Lord of the rings was the best move i have seen in a long time
have experience in Manufacturing,Sales and owner ship of Business ao aware of all aspects of medium size business,and How to improve and run it successful
Before that I worked at Movie Gallery in ellsworth, my job duties there were sorting and stocking movies. Renting out movies. Cleaning the tanning beds. Ect...
i took orders provided custome service i counted down cash register also i cant dowm my manager deposit and work overtime and on days off .i also learn the grill area to make sandwiches and etc
My career goal is to be a police officer. I help people move, helped plenty of people who needed it.
I know how to use most Microsoft programs, and i have alot of cusmoter experience.
well i am a 21 year old slim and slender well dressed kid at heart, i love to laugh, i love to play , but in order to be happy i always have to balance the equal line between play and work, i would the things i have endured as a child growing up in all the wrong ways would make people worried about me but when u ask any of my friends if im a good guy they say that i am one of the most enjoyed and endured parties of company they know....
I am a hard worker and believe in finishing what you started.

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