Back at the Old House

The house I grew up in was pretty much something out of a Southern Living magazine. My mom is a pretty incredible home maker, both in the garden and inside. About a decade ago my parents moved out of that house and into a new one, selling to a couple from up "north", where I guess they don't take care of yards. The first photo here shows what it looked like circa 1998, in its prime: incredible ancient (and rare) American Elms, flawless landscaping, and extremely healthy Saint Augustine grass after years of work on the part of my mom (and myself to a lesser extent).

And the photo that follows is the horror I have to drive by regularly now, as I still live in the neighborhood. They completely destroyed the American Elms through poor maintenance. They basically didn't turn on the sprinkler system for several years ruining the grass, beds, the sidewalks (which have had to be replaced by the city), and generally let the front of the house go to hell. I feel really sorry for the neighbors on either side. I've only briefly looked at the back yard which has turned back to nature. Nearly all the massive old trees back there have been destroyed and cut down.

It basically looks as bad as it did when my parents bought and renovated the house in 1981 (yes, that is I on the plastic tricycle)...

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