A U D I O   E X P O R T S

For climate incorporated, Grant. K and I each write primordial compositions in a simple yet amazing midi step sequencer called fl studio. These versions are then reworked with more complex sounds during other steps in the development cycle, and most especially by the rhythm department wherein I am often lacking. I often really like the original versions in their own frail states, but realize they aren't ready for prime time. So, this is an audio record of my original experiments, intending in no way to detract from the final versions under different names.

title/link date length
sparkle of stars aug 2005 2:15
campus sweethearts jul 2005 3:50
the paltry budget jul 2005 6:04
your native instrument may 2005 1:44
the joy of hunting jun 2004 3:12
my work area jun 2004 1:36
mister keys may 2004 3:51
a few clouds apr 2004 1:44
up rose bushes mar 2004 1:48
the man of the year feb 2004 3:27

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