Teens Arrested in Squirt Gun Attack

Nov. 21, 2001 | HOUMA, La. (AP) -- 

Three teen-agers charged with terrorizing bingo players with squirt guns 
have struck a plea bargain requiring them to write an essay titled "Why I'm 
Proud to Be an American." 

Under the deal, the terrorizing charges were dropped and the three 18-year-
olds pleaded guilty Tuesday to simple battery. 

Each must write a 3,500-word essay, perform 48 hours of community service, 
speak to an eighth-grade class about their experiences in jail and write a 
letter of apology to the bingo players. 

Chad Leblanc, Woodrow Straley and Clint Walker burst into a bingo hall on 
Oct. 15 and sprayed 10 players with large squirt guns. 

Police said the teen-agers created "a near panic" among 175 players who 
feared the prank was connected to the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks or 
anthrax scares.