the last song of 1999

some people like him but some folks don't
a rusty sail in the harbor flaps just like
the a&r man who's shaking his hands
as the bass drum thumps in the rock and roll band

she fell down the stairwell but tucked in her skirt
scabby knees in the hallway are red just like
an apple that fell from a tree to the dirt
she's always wearing his favorite shirt

the razor takes a nick off the business man
he's standing in the bathroom in just his kneesocks
while his wife in cannes with an all-over tan
he's back home eating soup from a can

charmers on the edge of the lake
a rusty nail beneath the rake
shorty sings the song in tune
cindy shakes the dust-filled broom
likes sockets sunk into the head
and falling snow onto the dead

some folks like it but some folks don't
when you tickle their clem with a thought
so enlightening it makes them think
imagine if they would think
about the top 40 music
out on the ice rink