alright, so this is the dream i had the other night about zipping around zürich in a very cosmopolitan way with you where we had rented a room at a little hotel installed on many narrow floors of an old building and out the window we could see a fly fisher at all times hooking a fish that glistened in the sun and another room was the interior of a car filled with adorable little brown mice and then we were in a taxi and nearly ran over another mouse who was trying to make his way across the autobahn but back at the hotel after returning from the court house where you were sentenced to self-execution the electric chair waited on the first floor landing and the room was empty and after all the fun and morning of curtains and bedsheets you decided it was time to die in the nineteenth-century battery-powered electric chair wrapped in victorian amenities but of course the instructions were in german and as i tried to translate you laid your hair and head across the seat and in a cheerful way you asked me to flip the switch as four years of lime-green spring skirts flashed before my face and into my eyes but nothing happened and you lifted your head and we both looked at the instructions on the back of the chair and noticed the special condition in large german print that the chair needed to warm up for twenty-four hours before any execution. what a pleasant surprise! we were extremely happy -- even more so than before. the funny thing is that we've never been in zürich at the same time.