...thanks to for the really old stuff..., December 2007
Simple design I used for a really long time., July 2007
Kind of rethought stuff for a bit., through June 2007
Probably my favorite -- with manually animated frog. Be sure to move your mouse over the links!, September 2004
Design for the first nine months of 2004. Kind of similar to two versions ago., December 2003
This is my favorite design to date. I painted the picture in a hotel room in St. Louis tagging along on a business trip with Shelley. Formatting text to create shapes is very satisfying., February 2003
Pure text manipulation. More text formatting to create shapes. Thank you Ernst Jandl, among others., March 2002
The first design with the hand-made font and a self-portrait with a boiling tea pot. This is the first to collapse the notebooks and projects into their own special subpages., February 2001
The main bgcolor is one of my favorite color choices ever. At the time I was considering running for city council. I purchased the ridiculously-long domain name (in small under "Nathan Beach"), but the campaign never got off the ground., December 2000
The first version of proper. I particularly like the binary string with no other purpose or meaning except to add some weight to the lower right., June 2000
The first attempt to turn a top-level domain into my personal web site. And it's a pretty bland design., September 1999
I was rather proud of this design when it came out. I'm glad I eventually learned how to center vertically. The Banfield Beach Group was my attempt at starting an independent consulting company., December 1998
One of the early all-text designs. Note how there are two intertwined layers to the text sculpting in this page, the second starting at line 5, skipping with the other layer.