N A T H A N   B A N F I E L D   B E A C H

I do painting and printmaking, as documented on this site. I tend to release an album of music each year with my band Climate. As a profession, I work on cloud infrastructure management software for an unnamed large information technology company. I also serve as Chief Technology Officer for the Austin-based art print company Nakatomi, Inc. I went to the University of Texas at Austin to get a BA in German Language and a minor in Electrical Engineering, and to the University of Texas at Dallas to get a MS in Information Technology & Management. I am married to ShelleyBeach.com and we have two little twin babies. I've lived in 75080 my whole life. My tenuous claim to fame is that I am Wikipedia member #26. You can see a fascinating illustrated history of nathanbeach.com here. Is your name "Nathan Beach", too? Click here.